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Sign Technician Service

Consultants with over 25 years experience in the sign installation industry during which we have collated and maintain an extensive index of all good Signage companies and businesses associated with shop refurbishment, film, television, and other media industries.

Our Reputation

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In 25 years of Sign Installation we have made a point of storing the contact details of all Good Sign Companies. We also stored the contact details of the bad companies. Along the way we saved details of other companies associated with the Shop refurbishment trade especially those who stood out among the rest even if we didn’t actually work for them. 

3 considerations for Signage on or in new premises



Locating the best manufacturer for the product required can save a lot of grief as time progresses


There is no point in having a quality design produced by a quality manufacturer & a poor installation

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Care and attention to detail at the design stage is very important.


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