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Points to consider

This is the most important stage. Spend some time considering your requirements and the impression you wish to make on your customers.

What is your budget?

Cost consideration is always high on the agenda. Shop around by all means, but remember cheaper prices will be reflected in the quality.

What type of sign do you require?

Roof Mounted, Shop Front Banner, Shop Window display, In Shop Display, Hanging, Projected

What materials are to be used?

Illuminated, LEDs, Neon, Flat Cut Metal Letters, Built up Metal Letters, Window Graphics

What size do you require?

There is no point in installing a sign that is either too large or too small.  It needs to be exactly the right size conveying the right message

Where is it to be located?

Is the sign going to be used externally or internally ? Is the sign going to be mounted, above, projecting out or free standing? Is the sign going to be a window display?

What message should the sign convey to?

Is the sign a company name indicating its location? Is the sign to indicate the type of business such as a bar?

Effective, Powerful Communication?

Signs are one of the most effective means of projecting your business image. It informs people who you are, where you are, and what your line of business is. A sign is such a powerful medium of communication, it is difficult to estimate its overall influence.

An external sign is the key to maximising your visibility  and should be considered as an important investment.


Internally,the presence of a good sign can create an atmosphere, set a mood, convey a message and at the same time have an impact on your sales.  

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Effective, Powerful Communication by The Sign Technicians